Who Am I To You?– A Triangle Love Story

Sejal Khan: Riddhima’s dearest companion/sister. They’ve met since 2 years and have fortified truly well, upholds her in the entirety of her choices. Is in Belgrade for Riddhima’s wedding.

Kabir Sinha: Life partner of Riddhima and is going to get hitched to her In Belgrade. A bum kid and invests all his energy in an exercise center.

Daksh Malhotra: Aryaman and Riddhima’s dad, a general in the Indian armed force however resigned. Stays in Delhi, exceptionally rich and a major character because of his military associations. Separated from Mahira.

Mahira Malhotra: Aryaman and Riddhima’s mother, lives with her in London since Riddhima was 7 years of age after she isolated from Daksh. Need Riddhima to get hitched soon and is in Belgrade for her wedding.

Angre Malhotra: Aryaman and Riddhima’s cousin, child of Geeta Malhotra and spouse of Siya Malhotra. Loves Riddhima a ton as a sibling and Siya a ton as a spouse. He works in the Delhi police.Geeta Malhotra: Sister of Daksh Malhotra and mother of Angre. Mother by marriage to Siya and auntie to Riddhimaand Aryaman. Loves her family a ton and somewhat exacting. Lives with her sibling in Delhi.

Siya Malhotra: Angre’s significant other and the girl in law of Geeta. Never met Riddhima.Aryaman: Late sibling of Riddhima and cousin to Angre. Child of Mahira and Daksh. He was a Military man and was martyred.Ajay Rai Singhania: Father to Ishani, Vansh and Aryan and spouse of Uma. He’s a finance manager and falls in one of the top in India.Uma Rai Singhania: Mother to Ishani, Vansh and step-mother to Aryan. She adores every one of them similarly and is strong in all things.Ishani Rai Singhania: Vansh’s more youthful sister and girl of Uma and Ajay. Sweetheart of Bright Sharma. An expert programmer.Aryan Rai Singhania: Step sibling to Vansh and Ishani, loves them both a ton and child to Ajay and step child to Uma. He’s a specialist.

Radiant Sharma: Ishani’s beau and dearest companion and is a programmer as well.Vishaka: A spy head, securing India, has a secret theme behind needing to execute Daksh.

So folks this is the character sketch of my new FF. I will not be getting pictures this FF, it will be simply composed. I trust you will appreciate this story and kindly remark on how you discover this. I will before long accompany the main part. Kindly continue to energize and supporting🙏Vansh Rai Singhania: A solid and genuine man. He is a sharp shooter and plays for India all throughout the planet. Child to Ajay Rai Singhania and Uma Rai Singhania. Sibling to Ishani Rai Singhania and step sibling to Aryan Rai Singhania. As of now in Belgrade because of a contest.

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