Sonali Phogat On Trolls Mocking Her Mod Looks In Her New Song And Age Shaming Her

Post Bigg Manager 14, lawmaker and entertainer Sonali Phogat is attempting to remain in spotlight with her online media handle and public appearances. Sonali was as of late found in another symbol in a music video. The video has gotten more than 1.4 million perspectives on Youtube up until this point. In any case, Sonali is getting greatly savaged for her new look and dance in the music video. Aside from that, she is additionally confronting remarks on her conjugal status and her age. In a new meeting with ETimes television, Sonali shared her interpretation of the haters and savages and says, ‘jalti hai duniya jalane waala chahiye’.

characters Ahaan and Ishqi. Ahaan is a genuine and good finance manager, while Ishqi is a genuine darling on the most fundamental level, according to her name. Ishqi has confidence in affection and regularly joins darlings. Ahaan has no trust in affection. He has a lamenting past. He is mixed up about his mom. The past developed him severe, however Ishqi’s sweet character acquires an adjust his outlook. They have various discernments about marriage.Ahaan Veer Malhotra: He is a straightforward, kind, cherishing and caring family man. He is a fruitful financial specialist.

He is entirely mindful and is clear about his tentative arrangements. He isn’t any befuddled person. He adores his family a great deal. He is generally defensive about his kin Kartik and Sonu. After their mom left them in youth, they are carrying on with a stranded life. Ahaan detests his mom, who should be the individual answerable for his dad’s passing. Ahaan is being misdirected by his Dadi. He has an extremely defensive family. Ahaan doesn’t understand when he succumbs to the oppositeIshqi is a vagrant, who lost her folks at a youthful age. Ishqi is sweet, basic, persevering, free and a genuine young lady.

She is bright. She doesn’t allow any distress to influence her. She knows to fight her life’s issues with strength. She is a diamond on the most fundamental level. She wishes to get regard by her friends and family. She is raised by her Maasi. She turns into her Maasi’s defender against Maasi’s insidious spouse. Ishqi has faith in affection. Ishqi succumbs to Ahaan in the wake of understanding his actual striking character.

Ishqi guarantees love to Ahaan against all odds.Ahaan and Ishqi’s romantic tale begins. Ahaan is presented as a sharp-disapproved and restrained financial specialist. He is seen grinning by his staff when he converses with his kin on the video call. Ahaan is a totally changed individual when he is with his family. He is the senior sibling to Kartik and Sonu. He ensures that no distress harms them. He generally secures them and keeps them cheerful. They are additionally pleased that their

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