LOVE, LIFE, SECRETS: Answers Lie Within

Adhvik halted mid-sentence as he glanced through the glass parcel of their meeting room and was amazed to see Gauri remaining external conversing with his secretary… .

Seeing Adhvik not uttering a word, Shaantanu and Naren followed his view and were additionally astonished to see Gauri there… .

Naren gripped his fingers in a clench hand, this young lady was causing his child to lose his detects, and her impact on Adhvik was making Naren loathe her more… .

Shaantanu got into considering what had carried Gauri to their office… . The last time he had met her was when Pankhuri was captured, and after whatever had occurred between his family and her, she ought to be the last individual to go to their office… .

Adhvik kept the document in his grasp on the table and left the lodge… . Shaantanu and Naren took a gander at him… . Shaantanu had a go at halting him yet Adhvik couldn’t have cared less and just left… .Adhvik: Gauri… .

Gauri pivoted hearing her name… . She took a gander at Adhvik remaining behind her… .Adhvik: You here… .Gauri: I came to meet you, we need to talk.Adhvik saw her shocked by the desperation in her voice… .Adhvik: How about we go to my lodge.Gauri gestured and Adhvik guided her towards his lodge… .

Mishti was strolling through the passageway conveying the records identified with Tia’s situation when she found somebody… . The records tumbled from her hand because of the abrupt crash… . She took a gander at the individual before her and was shocked to see a young lady… .Young lady: I’m so heartbroken; I was in a rush that I didn’t see you.Mishti: It’s alright even I didn’t see you.

Mishti plunked down gathering her records and papers… . The young lady likewise plunked down and helped Mishti… . They grinned at one another… . The two of them stood up and the young lady gave her the papers… . Mishti said thanks to her… . Mishti was going to go when the young lady called her, she went to take a gander at her… .Young lady: Pardon me, if you don’t mind, kindly reveal to me where I will discover ACP Rajvansh.

ACP Rajvansh… . Abir… . The young lady had come to meet Abir… . However, who was she… . Mishti took a gander at her and pondered who she could be… . She was not their school companion without a doubt, as she would have recalled whether they were from a similar school… . A young lady coming to meet Abir was not working out in a good way for Mishti’s psyche… . Mishti was freed once again from her considerations by the young lady’s voice…

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