#Love From The Paradise.. #46 Haldi and Sangeet


Above all else, wishing an extremely glad birthday to Meenu..May GOD favor you with bunches of satisfaction and health..Thank you for continually being there… Make the most of your day!

Scene begins as..,

Following day,

Both Vansh and Riddhima are perched on the couch and individually all beginning applying haldi to them. At that point, a concealed individual with a green hoodie, stands somewhat away from them. He minds the environmental factors and afterward leaves the chain of the ceiling fixture to fall on Vansh and Riddhima.

Individual : I will not give you so natural death..You’ll need to bear my torment..

The crystal fixture is a couple of meters from them, when Ishani sees it and cautions them.

Ishani : Bhaiiiiii

Vansh sees the light fixture falling, holds Riddhima’s hand and the two of them run from that point while Aryan gets the chain of light fixture. They all take a full breath.

Ishani : How could it fall?

Aryan : Possibly in light of the fact that it was free…

Riddhima : No, it wasn’t, I checked it the previous morning as it were..

Vansh : At that point, how?

Riddhima’s eyes were looking to a great extent while the green hoodie individual got away from that point.

Uma : It’s alright now, you both are protected naa, we should begin the service..

They all gesture and Vansh, Riddhima again stay there to finish the haldi service.

Tara : Riddhima, clean yourself and afterward give that water to Vansh..

Vansh : Whatt?

Tara : It’s a custom..

Vansh : Anyway, on the off chance that we’ve to utilize a similar water, wouldn’t we be able to shower together? (imposing tone)

Aryan/Ishani/Uma/Rudra/Tara/Ajay (unsion) : We are here!!!

Riddhima becomes flushed and goes to wash while Vansh takes a gander at her. In the wake of finishing the haldi function, the timings of sangeet are announced..The green hoodie individual comes dressed as a server.

GHP (Green hoodie individual) : You got saved in haldi, yet how might you get saved from my next assault? This time,I’ll assault from the front..

Riddhima’s room :

Sejal is preparing Riddhima when a thump is heard. Vansh enters inside, and gets paralyzed by seeing Riddhima, while she takes a gander at him from the mirror.

“Pyaar hua, Ikrar hua hai

Pyaar se phir kyu darta hai dil

Kehta hai dil rasta mushkil

Maloom nahi hai kahan manzil”

Sejal : Riddhu, I’ll be back, Uma aunt is calling..

She goes outside winking at her. Vansh steps more inside, close to Riddhima.

Vansh : Glancing incredibly exquisite in this pink lehenga

Riddhima : Thank you *blushes*

He holds her face and makes her look in his eyes. Wind begins coming inside from the close by window and a dupatta, kept on side, flies and covers the two of them. The two of them lean towards one another until a thump is heard. Sejal enters inside.

Sejal : Jiju, if your Pre-Sangeet sentiment is done, would i be able to prepare her?

Vansh : Better believe it, sure..

He ventures out.

Sejal : You’re so fortunate, Riddhu!

Riddhima : Says thanks to Sejal, I supplicate you additionally get somebody..

Sejal : Gee, research going on by my folks..

Riddhima : great..

Sejal prepares Riddhima.

Lobby :

As Riddhima and Vansh get down, everybody compliments them. Individually the exhibition begins..

Ishani : Presently, I’d prefer to invite a few the century..A tremendous round of commendation for them..

The two of them please the stage.

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