Fan Fiction

LOVE, LIFE, SECRETS: Answers Lie Within

Adhvik halted mid-sentence as he glanced through the glass parcel of their meeting room and was amazed to see Gauri remaining external conversing with his secretary… . Seeing Adhvik not uttering a word, Shaantanu and Naren followed his view and were additionally astonished to see Gauri there… . Naren gripped …

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Who Am I To You?– A Triangle Love Story

Sejal Khan: Riddhima’s dearest companion/sister. They’ve met since 2 years and have fortified truly well, upholds her in the entirety of her choices. Is in Belgrade for Riddhima’s wedding. Kabir Sinha: Life partner of Riddhima and is going to get hitched to her In Belgrade. A bum kid and invests …

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Are You My Soulmate

The scene begins with Ridhima and vansh in the room. Ridhima ask Vansh for what reason he lives in the lodging. I’m I realize you own this spot however why not live in your home with your family. Vansh says houses are for relatives and I’m a vagrant, a destitute …

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