Are You My Soulmate

The scene begins with Ridhima and vansh in the room. Ridhima ask Vansh for what reason he lives in the lodging. I’m I realize you own this spot however why not live in your home with your family. Vansh says houses are for relatives and I’m a vagrant, a destitute vagrant. So that is the reason I live alone in this lodging. Ridhima says however I saw your family on T.V. all of you looked glad. He says when you do act, you need to say some outsider your mother father right? It’s the equivalent for me, for the camera and society, I needed to consider that outsiders my family. Who never acknowledged my folks as their own family, how would you expect me calling them as my family? Ridhima embraces Vansh from behind and reassures him. She says don’t stress, one day you will meet somebody whom you can call as your family. For cheering his mind-set, Ridhima says why not we play some game. Vansh says we previously played game in the club where I won. Would you truly like to contend with me once more? Ridhima says why not? However, this time we will play some other game like truth or dare. Vansh acknowledge the demand and he get an unfilled container. They turn the container and the jug faces towards Ridhima. Vansh says presently pick truth or dare. Ridhima picks truth. Vansh asks her what is your genuine name. Ridhima answers, my name is Ridhima Malhotra, why you posed this straightforward inquiry, you definitely knew the appropriate response duffer. She turns the container, this time bottle point towards Vansh. Ridhima request that he pick truth or dare. He picks truth.

Ridhima addresses him that why he kicked out her from the film, is it since she spills the espresso on him? Vansh answers actually no, not for that but rather for what she did following day, how could you to give me that rose bouquet which helps me to remember my Priya. Ridhima ask who is Priya. He shows her the ring he brought for Priya yet couldn’t ready to give her. He gives her the ring and says accept it as a badge of expression of remorse for showing you out from the film, in addition your one inquiry is addressed now not another inquiry before your turn. He turns the container and this time it pointed towards Ridhima; she picks dare this time. Vansh says keen move, presently what should I dare you, let me think.

He says your challenge is that you need to kiss me on the chick. She says that is it? I’m advising you; you have no clue about how to play this game. In any case, you previously given me the challenge so we should do it. She comes nearer to him for kiss. She planned to kiss on his chicks, abruptly Vansh turns his face toward her and she accidently kisses him all the rage. Ridhima gets paralyzed with this. She attempts to move back however he holds her and keep kissing her. She at that point shuts her eyes as well and the two of them continue kissing one another. Vansh took Ridhima towards the bed and pushes her on bed. He is currently on her and the two of them gets personal.

Following day, Vansh awakens yet he was unable to recall what happened the previous evening. He sees some young lady dozing close to him yet couldn’t see her face. He figures it should be some irregular young lady from the club. He prepares for the workplace. Ridhima awakens as well and furthermore couldn’t perceive how she came here. She ends up on some more abnormal’s bed around there. She says crap, how she winds up here and who’s room is this. She comes outside and see Vansh, she says you. Vansh likewise gets stunned to see he wind up imparting bed to her. He remarks that yesterday should be your fortunate night that you end up with me. Presently kindly don’t babble around the media about the previous evening. I’m leaving for office, you new n-up and may leave this room except if you need to re-make the previous evening second,

he grins. Ridhima says you destroyed my evening, that was my first… he says what first? he says ohm, I get it, the previous evening what occurred between us was your first time with any person. He snickers, however says you ought to be then inclination glad that you go through a night with VR. She punches on his shoulders and says escape my sight. He says the previous evening you were exceptionally sweet with me, what happened today, in view of something little. Try not to stress it was only a little S… she pushes him out of the room and bolts the entryway. He descends and leaves for the workplace.

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